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This is our eighth year in business here at Tim & Julie’s ANOTHER FINE MESS.  Julie had a really popular vintage clothing store in the past here in INDY. She had a health food store before that. I’ve had a few architectural antique stores here in the past.  Cottage Home Antiques, Tim & Billy’s and then Tim & Avi’s.  Julie and I were in retirement when we heard the call to run one more store before we died.  We are each sixty six years old and the shop is going great!  We love going to work every day. If you live in Indiana we hope you will visit us soon.  If you can’t visit, we have shipped to almost every state in the union.  We are here to help you solve your problems and make some of your dreams come true.

Tim & Julie 

The Long Version

We take buildings apart and sell the pieces.  I started this pretty much 35 years ago.  I lived in a small urban neighborhood in downtown Indianapolis.  My wife and I paid $537.00 for our carpenter built cottage.  I started selling building parts in our living room.  No one was using it so I filled it up with antique building parts.  Inventory sort of flowed out to our wrap around porch.  A few years passed and I built a carriage house at the rear of our lot.  It filled up easily.  My wife used the second floor with a full bath to escape from our son and me.  Being an only child of an only child, things often got rough on her.  Then the day arrived when I decided to rent a booth in an antique mall.  I paid $130.00 a month for a 10’ by 10’ space in the corner.  I was scared to death that I would not make enough to pay the rent.  I didn’t dare dream of a profit.  But they were open seven days a week and I didn’t have to be there to make a sale.  Up till then I only sold stuff when I was home, like dinner time.  The booth was a big hit and profitable.  The owner, who wasn’t too sure about our so called Architectural Antiques soon was a fan and even gave us the front  window for a month!  After two years we had made enough money to purchase a three story, 30,000 square foot retail/warehouse building a few blocks from home.  Up till this point I was restoring houses in our neighborhood by day and as I have said, selling house parts when I was around.  The big building, that’s how we incorporated it.  Tim and Billy’s really big building made it possible for me to quit construction and sell full time.  Where did this Billy come from?  Billy bought a house from me and we were neighbors.  He’s a good carpenter and at some point we started to work together restoring houses in the community.  When the building came up we threw our lots together and became full partners. That became Tim & Billy’s Salvage Store.  Our first real, honest to goodness, big time architectural antique store!  Billy and I last about six years.  I bought him out before one of us killed the other.  He went back to restoration work and stayed with the store.  I was back on my own again.  I ran Tim & Billy’s for another six years or so. But I needed to sell the really big building. The building sold easily and after several false starts I was able to buy a smaller, less maintenance building 14 blocks up the same street we had been on.  I christened the new store Tim & Avi’s Salvage Store.  Avi is my son and was about 14 at the time.  He worked weekends with us and the new store did well.  We began opening Sundays because my wife had divorced me and I needed something to do on Sundays.  Noon till five, Sunday was always good for an extra $500.00 or more each week.  We had fourteen hundred doors, thousands of door knobs, stained glass windows, lots of light fixtures, flooring, trim, lumber, sash’s, cabinets and lot’s and lot’s of cool stuff.  The years passed, Avi went off to school and I got some health problems.  I closed the store down and took a rest.  At last fast forward to eight years ago.  Julie and I, were old friends with the same circle of friends.  Not wanting to be alone we fell in love.  Each of us was retired with rental properties.  One of Julie’s best jobs had been owning a wonderful vintage clothing store for sixteen years here in INDY. It was called Modern Times. When Julie and I got together we were a natural team perfect to run some sort of business.  So at fifty eight years of age each, we decided to open Tim & Julie’s Another Fine Mess.  Together we were able to buy a handsome two store former hardware store not far from my first store.  It didn’t take us very long to fill up every inch of the building.  Check out our hours and come on in soon.  Like I said when I started this very long welcome.  We hope we can help you!